Planetary [adjective]

Definition of Planetary:

pertaining to planets

Synonyms of Planetary:

Opposite/Antonyms of Planetary:


Sentence/Example of Planetary:

You get in touch with planetary health services immediately!

The planetary president, Wilcox, is in alliance with the war party.

The planetary rulers had taken no chances of tampering with their propaganda.

I see sir, that you are most apt in the calculation of the planetary hours.

But there are hundreds of planetary bodies now known that were then not known.

The first thing they'll do is beef up their planetary defenses to match.

On the back was a representation of the Nansalian planetary system.

The Planetary Government had taken them over after the War and forgotten them.

This is not, repeat, underscore, not an intervention in planetary government.

The other would represent the police or the planetary government.