Erratic [adjective]

Definition of Erratic:

unpredictable; wandering

Opposite/Antonyms of Erratic:

Sentence/Example of Erratic:

Moreover, snowballing agricultural crises like avian flu and ASF can make meat prices extremely erratic.

The state agency has tried to give local health providers consistent information about how many doses they’ll receive at their clinics and hospitals, but Avula said state officials will have to instead explain the erratic allocations.

Until relatively recently, the Mid-Atlantic was a region where the winters seemed longer, colder and, most importantly, not so erratic.

A startup CEO told us how she fundraised while quarantining with six children, and a newspaper editor shared how she kept up with an erratic news cycle while helping her seven kids learn from home.

A wave of populism has led many governments around the world to rule in an increasingly erratic fashion.

Kawaski Trawick’s neighbors at Hill House remember him as erratic.

Of course they have made up their minds you are erratic, and have not the least doubt that they can manipulate that loose screw.

It was as though, where everything was strange, Henri's erratic comings and goings were but a part with the rest.

An erratic firefly wandered down from the overhanging branches, then commenced to dart from side to side near her head.

It was a hopeless fight, and has sent into the erratic political parties the majority of the independent working men now in them.