Predictable [adjective]

Definition of Predictable:

easy to foretell

Synonyms of Predictable:

Opposite/Antonyms of Predictable:

Sentence/Example of Predictable:

Once we can establish a predictable pattern, we'll have a chance.

Now there was no predictable course men could shape their actions to avoid.

Most of their world was predictable from what had gone before.

Of all futures, the future of literature and its professors is the least predictable.

If it was only a matter of smooth, predictable rates—But look at her.

Some actions of conscious beings, then, are predictable, if we know the conditions.

It gives me somehow the other woman who is not expected or predictable or commonplace.

A male follows a predictable path, rarely traveling more than 150 feet from the nest.

It reaches its goal whenever it can replace its early guessing by verifiable hypotheses and predictable results.

Why then deny consciousness to the Matterhorn, because all its actions are calculable and predictable?