Calculable [adjective]

Definition of Calculable:

able to be computed or estimated

Synonyms of Calculable:

Opposite/Antonyms of Calculable:

Sentence/Example of Calculable:

Hence to give a margin of safety to cover contingencies not calculable, an excess of material must be provided.

Hence a string of possible events, astounding to mankind, but equally calculable, should one care to give imagination headway.

But if these habits are constant and calculable we call the vitality of them mechanical.

The virtues he defended so rigorously did not exist as a rule in calculable or practical form, since they did nothing objective.

I remember no mention of this in any of the astronomical writings, and it is as easily calculable on Earth as it is here.

The greatest economies of machine-production are found in industries where the demand is largest, steadiest, and most calculable.

The monkey-tax thus collected is quite a calculable percentage of the crop, and few taxes are more regularly paid.

Amongst it was a novel and hardly calculable element, the Labour Members.

No decent, calculable, consoled dying; no passing to rest like that of the aged burghers of Nuremberg town.

All interactions, being with its own kind, were reciprocal and obedient to a single set of calculable laws.