Ascertainable [adjective]

Definition of Ascertainable:

easily noticed; considerable

Synonyms of Ascertainable:

Opposite/Antonyms of Ascertainable:

Sentence/Example of Ascertainable:

A word may survive and take a new meaning after its original meaning is no longer ascertainable.

The influences of smoking and snuffing on politics and war are ascertainable.

Idiopathic diseases are those that have come of themselves, that is, without ascertainable cause.

It would serve no purpose except that of satisfying idle curiosity to draw up a list of all the master's ascertainable pupils.

In the latter case, the time is uncertain; but the fact is ascertainable by the recipients becoming spiritually minded.

The only ascertainable fact is that he was the proprietor of the house with the sign of the Bear (l'Ours).

Sometimes the neglected fact is one ascertainable, not by the senses, but by reasoning, which has been overlooked.

It regards all human events as an outward movement or evolution, which proceeds according to fixed and ascertainable laws.

But its actual status is at any given time fairly ascertainable.

If any name was given to the anterior family it is not now ascertainable.