Visible [adjective]

Definition of Visible:

apparent, seeable

Opposite/Antonyms of Visible:

Sentence/Example of Visible:

Stern displeasure was visible in the countenance of the great sculptor.

To the east, plains for at least thirty miles, when broken ranges were visible.

A salt lake was visible a few miles to the east, towards which we proceeded.

If the Pole is surrounded by water, it must be a visible point of land.

It must have stood there, close to where he now was, but it was not visible.

The work of my hands is visible; with it I am going to decorate your table.

There he lay like a log, and all my efforts with vinegar and water had no visible effect.

There was unending work, but no visible fruit, either for the cause or for myself.

That distinction Beaufort did not feel; but at a glance it was visible to Philip.

The raising of a house or ship into the air is a visible miracle.