Obtrusive [adjective]

Definition of Obtrusive:

pushy, obvious

Synonyms of Obtrusive:

Opposite/Antonyms of Obtrusive:

Sentence/Example of Obtrusive:

There was control over it, but the control was not obtrusive.

There is firstly that obtrusive militarism from which we cannot for a moment escape.

"Not obvious, not obtrusive, but retired," he seemed to shun observation.

They were in their way quite as splendid and obtrusive as Madame Corinne was in hers.

There was none of the obtrusive selfishness of an ordinary horse in his ways.

It mattered not that her presence there showed her to be vulgar, impertinent, and obtrusive.

He was not obtrusive, but was content to keep at heel, and to be permitted to admire.

He could not breathe until the abbe had freed him from his obtrusive society.

But it is not the noisy, clamorous, obtrusive life of the city.

Just a cottage or two to remind one that there is a population, but not obtrusive.