Impertinent [adjective]

Definition of Impertinent:

bold, disrespectful

Opposite/Antonyms of Impertinent:

Sentence/Example of Impertinent:

Of course, she should not have minded so keenly the foolish talk of an impertinent and unkind girl.

As you will see, I was unable to end my letter without a touch of impertinent irony, which proved how much in love I still was.

He delivered to the Secretary of State a note abusive and impertinent beyond all example and all endurance.

They are as impertinent as those people who stop you only to bore you; but the former are perhaps less irksome.

She was a little impertinent, the Duchess thought, decidedly aggressive, and not witty enough to carry it off.

But, dear Vyvyan, do not put on such an impertinent and indifferent manner; it annoys Sir Rollo exceedingly.

"That I don't know, sir," the girl replied, speaking with a flippancy that was careless and almost impertinent.

Then home to dinner, where W. Joyce came, and he still a talking impertinent fellow.

I came here with the intention of giving you a castigation for your impertinent mention of a lady.

I would not wish to be impertinent in my observations to your Excellency; but pray, sir!