Inappropriate [adjective]

Definition of Inappropriate:

not proper, suitable

Opposite/Antonyms of Inappropriate:

Sentence/Example of Inappropriate:

As the outcry grew, the IOC said Mori’s comments “were absolutely inappropriate” but still declined to press for his resignation on Tuesday.

The inquiries, three sources familiar with the New York Post story say, were part of an investigation into Weaver’s inappropriate messages to male youths, and brought to the attention of Madrid.

Some changes hinge on state legislative action and others face pushback from Montgomery’s police department and police union, which call them inappropriate for the suburb of 1 million.

Several Anchorage attorneys said they had been aware for decades that Sniffen had an inappropriate relationship with a young woman early in his career.

Bartlett is also among those who’ve accused Brough of inappropriate behavior, ABC 7 reported.

Local SEO, Joy Hawkins, posted that Google has updated the form businesses use to “flag a review” within Google My Business as being inappropriate.

She reported it, but doxing isn’t one of the five categories of inappropriate content you can report, and again, no one has gotten back to her.

She got in over her head after she signed up for the "Royale High" Roblox game and started chatting with older teens who exposed her to inappropriate situations through the game's chat and messaging platforms.

Several have been suspended and more than a dozen others are under investigation for suspected involvement with or inappropriate support for the protest.

He apologized in a team meeting, calling the tweets “inappropriate and inexcusable.”