Appropriate [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Appropriate:

It seems appropriate that “Antebellum,” the new thriller about the ongoing impact of racial injustice in America, literally started as a nightmare.

Your SEO content has to contain an appropriate amount of relevant keywords, entities, and images for the length of the copy.

The coronavirus pandemic and the restaurant industry’s “uphill battle” were the given reasons that an award show just didn’t seem appropriate.

Moving away from the executive level, it is also important that investors engage with companies about their expectations for all staff to have a living wage, access to health care, sick leave, and appropriate holiday entitlements.

I don’t think you can culturally appropriate a food product unless you’re profiting off of it.

He said as soon as the clinical trial was paused Oxford and AstraZeneca informed the appropriate government regulatory agencies in each country where trials were taking place.

This critique might seem nitpicky, but the language people use to talk about racism shapes how they understand what’s happening and which solutions sound appropriate.

We are currently investigating this matter and, if appropriate, will seek to recoup any overpayment and potentially refer this case to law enforcement.

There is no universal recommendation that could be appropriate for most people.

For many employees before life under lockdown, it would have rarely been appropriate or necessary to invite their boss or colleagues inside their home.