Due [adjective]

Definition of Due:

unpaid; owing money

Synonyms of Due:

Opposite/Antonyms of Due:

Sentence/Example of Due:

Two Battalions racing due North along the coast and foothills with levelled bayonets.

Not only are they required to do things in a proper orderly manner, but people have to treat them with due deference.

He came back in due time, but bringing nothing for me, and I felt that my appeal had been in vain.

Austria's fall was due to the lethargy and hesitation of the courts of Berlin and St. Petersburg.

They shall plan how this may be done with due propriety, and shall advise us of their action.

Please advise the surrender as soon as possible in order to give due and solemn publicity to the event.

Important orders for new books are now in course of execution, the volumes being due early in this year's session.

In ordinary times these bills are safe enough, if due precautions are taken.

His nature was bold and fitted to command, and to him is due, in a large degree, the proud position the Midland holds to-day.

He knew that the whole fabric of crime was due to the human reading of His "revelation" to man.