Settled [adjective]

Definition of Settled:


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Sentence/Example of Settled:

He leaned back, and began to puff leisurely at his pipe, as if this settled the matter.

This is the first good spring since leaving the settled districts.

If he said or did anything, there was no appeal; that was settled, let us pass to something else.

"Miss Ward's case has not yet been settled," she said slowly.

The chief stock was settled at Liberton, in the upper part of Clydesdale.

Being mystified he has settled down to think as little about it as he could.

The train started off again, and George settled himself to read.

He had settled opinions about Mrs. Roberts now, from which he would not be likely to waver.

The thing, I say, was settled, so far as the chief family-worshipper was concerned.

It had long since been settled in his mind that he had one friend, and that one was Mrs. Roberts.