Determined [adjective]

Definition of Determined:

driven, persistent

Opposite/Antonyms of Determined:

Sentence/Example of Determined:

“In my 10 years investing I have witnessed few teams more passionate, determined, and capable of revolutionizing an industry,” said Eniac’s Tim Young in a statement.

A commonly understood interpretation of the law that allowed camping below the high-water mark was determined to be “overbroad and unconstitutional,” according to a 2010 essay that Juras wrote on the topic.

Many others are so determined to vote — and be seen doing it at the first available chance — that they are enduring hours-long lines despite the other voting options available.

During her long recovery process she said she found strength from the people around her and she became determined to give back to the community in some way.

However, Ryan was determined to save Paul’s life so the two signed up to participate in a kidney swap.

There is an LGBTQ person qualified to fill nearly every position in the next administration and this coalition is determined to help them navigate a complex appointments process to ensure we are well represented.

By the end of the 19th century, Thomas Huxley was perhaps the most famous living biologist, renowned in the English-speaking world as “Darwin’s bulldog” for his fierce and determined defense of natural selection.

The significance of time is determined by the movement of any selection, or, in other words, the rhythm.

But the strength of his arm, and the bravery of his heart could not have defended him long against their determined attack.

Wharton smiled at this littleness in so great a man, but determined that he should feel the power he despised.