Unflinching [adjective]

Definition of Unflinching:


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Sentence/Example of Unflinching:

Now I must be a man, and walk erect, unflinching, to the sacrifice.

Kirkwood turned to meet her onslaught with a mien grave, determined, unflinching.

Almamen gazed at these dread preparations with an unflinching aspect.

Rachel continued to watch him, with the same bright and unflinching gaze.

The captain started, peered into his captive's unflinching countenance.

Rectitude, courage and unflinching truth were Holcroft's ideal.

It is your unflinching devotion to your mission and to your public duties.

But he preserved an unflinching, endorsing, gravity of expression.

Her clear, colourless, unflinching glance enveloped us both critically.

She looked at me long, she looked at me with unflinching eyes, and said aloud, 'No!