Unblinking [adjective]

Definition of Unblinking:


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Sentence/Example of Unblinking:

He just stared at her, unblinking, his big eyes soft and sad-looking.

The wide eyes were still fixed upon her, immovable and unblinking.

Moera was silent for a while, watching him with unblinking green eyes.

There was no emotion to be read on that jewel-banded face or in her unblinking eyes.

Fogg removed his eye-glasses and gave the man a full, unblinking stare.

King said, pointing to a 70.4 that was unblinking in its intensity.

Their eyes were yellow and unblinking, and their tails twitched like an angry cat's.

She looked up at the long house with its wise, unblinking eyes.

He followed the lark up into the bright heaven with wide, unblinking eyes.

She continued to watch him, unblinking, her arms behind her head.