Afraid [adjective]

Definition of Afraid:


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Sentence/Example of Afraid:

Advisers were afraid to express positions contrary to the president’s views because they feared a public denunciation or “that they would be cut out,” she said.

It gave me an absolutely liberating sensation that I could do things I would generally be afraid of.

If you’re in pain every time you move, he explains, it’s normal to become afraid of moving—and it’s a physical therapist’s job to enable you to start moving enough that you can move past the fear.

The rabies virus is just a simple packet of DNA, but its complex psychological extended phenotype influences hosts to bite and to be afraid of water, both of which help spread rabies more effectively.

We want somebody who has not been afraid to tackle those issues and has a track record to bridge the gap between the police department and Oceanside residents, particularly people of color.

At the sample station in the Hong Kong Park Sports Center last week, an office worker undergoing the test told Fortune she was not afraid of the data collection.

And, according to contributing editor Stephanie Pearson, he’s not afraid to yell at you using foul language.

Leopold was relentlessly curious and never afraid to change his mind after learning new facts.

By the way, don’t be afraid of the nautiluses floating around.

It’s not being afraid to make a mistake, but knowing who you are and knowing that the best way to be happy is to know yourself and know who you are and know what you believe in.