Frozen [adjective]

Definition of Frozen:

very cold

Synonyms of Frozen:

Opposite/Antonyms of Frozen:

Sentence/Example of Frozen:

That concept also explains why frozen meat defrosts faster in water than in air.

The virus’s tendency to survive longer in the cold bolstered New Zealand’s frozen food shipment theory.

The planet turned dwarf planet is pretty much an ice ball, with a surface that’s 98% frozen nitrogen and mountains made of water ice.

It’s kind of like a cross between sangria, a slushy and a daiquiri, with rum, wine, triple sec and frozen fruit.

Scientists reason that the faintness of the young sun should have meant that Earth remained frozen solid for the first half of its existence.

In most cases, much more likely what’s happening is that people feel psychologically frozen.

Thus he continued to rush over the frozen sea during a considerable part of that night.

The former, in its frozen state, somewhat resembled hard butter.

So you have lost that frozen heart of yours at last, and after such boasting, too!

I thought that the frozen surface of the American woman thawed on the stratum soubrette.