Iced [adjective]

Definition of Iced:

pretty much decided

Opposite/Antonyms of Iced:


Sentence/Example of Iced:

As Haar reached out her car window to take her iced peppermint mocha and Cole’s apple juice, a Starbucks barista unexpectedly struck up a casual conversation.

No matter how many perfect kolaches and iced sugar cookies she brought home, the cookies we kids waited up for were Pam’s peanut butter blossoms.

See, doctor; feel my hands—one would think that they had just come out of a pail of iced water.

But it was only Azalea Courtney, radiant as the morning, carrying a little silver pitcher full of iced lemonade.

The fallen or falling Minister emptied a glass of iced wine, and looked more contented than before.

"My wife is ever right," says Bill, and began feeling toward the table for the iced wine.

Now is winter; the frost has iced over the window-panes; in the dark room burns a solitary candle.

The cake had a brown layer made from the garden beds and a yellow layer made from the path, and was iced with white sand.

Unannounced, he strode into the drawing-room, threw himself into an easy-chair, and asked for a glass of iced water.

If he had ever owned a tender passion, it must have been in very early youth, before his heart got hardened and iced in the world.