Conclusive [adjective]

Definition of Conclusive:

definite, final

Opposite/Antonyms of Conclusive:

Sentence/Example of Conclusive:

By statute the stock record of ownership is usually made the conclusive test of the right to vote.

This last seems to me to present the greatest difficulty, and the evidence at present appears scarcely conclusive.

This examination is made by an examiner, whose decision, however, is not conclusive and may be set aside by the commissioner.

Finally, in 1829, Bouvard wrote Minoret asking him to come to Paris to assist in some conclusive tests of magnetism.

The question of dependence is one of fact; contributions by the deceased tend to establish this, but are not conclusive.

This last bit of evidence was conclusive to their minds, already strongly prejudiced.

This kind of argument is not necessarily conclusive; yet with others it always strengthens a case.

In the first case, the argument is not conclusive, because flowers may die from other causes.

Only a low temperature forms ice on the river; the argument from effect to cause is conclusive.

Arguments from cause are very rarely conclusive proofs of fact.