Unsure [adjective]

Definition of Unsure:

doubtful, insecure

Opposite/Antonyms of Unsure:

Sentence/Example of Unsure:

For the first time since Hilton had known him, the Oman's mind was confused and unsure.

I could see that she was keener than ever, and beginning to be a little worried and unsure of herself!

We are called above the earthly loves that come and go, and are unsure.

When you start to be afraid, you start to be unsure—not of anyone else's weaknesses, but of your own.

"Anna," he said, as if he answered her from a distance, unsure.

He was still as unsure and unfixed as when he had married himself.

She was so used to unsure people who took on a new being with every new influence.

Of these things I was assured, yet too unsure to enjoy Thee.

He looked at her silently, feeling harried and unsure of himself.

Only in his buffoonery, but she, again, was unsure why either Rip had been so named.