Borderline [adjective]

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This valley extends for approximately three hundred and fifty miles to the borderline of Tennessee.

This action provided Virginians with knowledge of the type of terrain and its potentiality along this important borderline.

If there were a borderline along which Lassans were meeting humans in any kind of conflict it was most likely to lie southward.

Free land was receding at railroad speed, the borderline could be overtaken only by steam, and every man was in haste to arrive.

We know what a thin borderline separates normal people from—from you.

Energy trapped and held by virtue of some peculiarity of that little borderline between Force Fields 348 and 349.

Three young men sat in an old inn not far from the borderline which divides England from Scotland.

It was a newspaper as Russians understand newspapers which makes it a borderline political tract.

A comparison of the accuracy of the Stanford and other revisions with borderline cases.

The borderline, if any, between art and writing is becoming fuzzier by the hour.