Ambivalent [adjective]

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In 1992, Leanza Cornett was a part-time college student, a full-time singing mermaid at Walt Disney World in Orlando and an ambivalent contestant preparing for the Miss Florida pageant.

In other words, without any open-brain surgery and just a few light beams, the team was able to change a socially ambivalent mouse into a friendship-craving social butterfly.

Let us recall that in our earlier discussion we took note of the ambivalent character of love.

But I have to ask if the feelings and instincts are really ambivalent?

Let us suppose the subject has ambivalent feelings toward his father.

I mean that the relation is really ambivalent, that is, it is composed of conflicting feelings of tenderness and hostility.

Thus we find again that taboo has grown out of the soil of an ambivalent emotional attitude.

With the decline of this ambivalence the taboo, as the compromise symptom of the ambivalent conflict, also slowly disappeared.

His behaviour towards his totem animal was subtly ambivalent, expressing itself in immoderate hating and loving.