Uncertain [adjective]

Definition of Uncertain:

doubtful, changeable

Opposite/Antonyms of Uncertain:

Sentence/Example of Uncertain:

You may have noticed that night at the Oldakers'—well, women, Mr. Bines, are uncertain.

There appears to be a great number of horses', but am uncertain if there are any camel-tracks.

With his bag in hand, he wandered through the streets, uncertain what to do or where to go.

Her face was close to his, else he could not have caught the uncertain murmuring.

Then some one—who it was is uncertain—ordered the bugler to sound the "charge."

At his left was a gentleman of uncertain hearing and a bullet-proof frown.

But, in a gusty, uncertain wind it must use its wings or alight somewhere.

Uncertain what to do he did nothing, pressing his back against the earth and listening.

Miss Dyer groaned, and drew an uncertain hand across her forehead.

How long I may be absent is, of course, uncertain; but it shall not be very long.