Conjectural [adjective]

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Upon such a tissue of conjectural absurdities the wonderful opinion of the immortality of the soul is built.

The transcription of Dr. Crusius, with his conjectural restorations, will be found in the Appendix.

What the passages between him and Friedrich Wilhelm were, on this occasion, shall remain conjectural to all creatures.

In these parts, the paths of the curves are to some extent conjectural.

All our attempts to discover origins far behind history must be conjectural.

Scott made one or two conjectural emendations in the arrangement of the stanzas.

At least I am acquainted with no theory hitherto propounded, which does not set out from one or other of these conjectural bases.

As to this suggestion about the sources of the animal names borne by the groups, Dr. Durkheim remarks that it is "conjectural."

The translation of this line is founded solely on a conjectural emendation of the text.

The causes of the site of the battle being at the present day merely conjectural.