Tentative [adjective]

Definition of Tentative:

conditional, experimental

Opposite/Antonyms of Tentative:

Sentence/Example of Tentative:

"Porter tells me Lucretia is good business," said Danby, in a tentative tone.

At length the most daring of the "patriots" emitted a tentative hiss.

Then he took a tentative step and lifted his hand from its support.

As his words are few and his manner reticent and tentative, so must the style of his interpreter be.

Then he broke in upon the tentative conversation which follows an introduction.

She offered him this assurance with a tentative smile, into which he gazed moodily.

A tentative, uncertain intimacy was springing up between us two.

The tentative period was over; all our arrangements had been perfected.

Perhaps a tentative solution is all that is possible in the present stage of our knowledge.

She had understood her father's wistful looks and tentative speeches.