Final [adjective]

Definition of Final:

ending, last

Synonyms of Final:

Opposite/Antonyms of Final:

Sentence/Example of Final:

Although he mercifully has no memory of his horrifying crash on the final lap, almost everyone else does.

The unified paid search team took a two-pronged initial approach to their paid search final URL selection.

The pediatric vaccine trials will not be as large as the final stage adult trials, which enrolled 30,000 or more participants, giving a placebo to half and the vaccine to half.

Half of the 10 Super Bowls from that decade had a final margin of 20 or more points.

To arrive at the final dollar value of a benefit, we used the formulas specified in each contract.

The NFL’s final go-ahead for the game was given Saturday after that morning’s testing results were received, a person familiar with the league’s planning said Sunday morning.

With a six-time champion as the final piece, everything suddenly fit.

When Maryland needed to score on its final possession, Ayala missed a layup but then grabbed his own rebound and drew the foul.

Kansas City beat the Cleveland Browns in the divisional round even after Mahomes left with a head injury in the second half, and then the Buffalo Bills, who could prove to be a top threat in the AFC in the coming years, in the conference final.

Thus begins civil twilight, the phase when the sun makes its final move to the horizon.