Terminal [adjective]

Definition of Terminal:

final, deadly

Synonyms of Terminal:

Opposite/Antonyms of Terminal:

Sentence/Example of Terminal:

They contained no provision as to the use of terminal facilities.

A cell should never be carried using the terminal posts as handles.

Then cover the Vaseline with tape, which Should be run well back from the terminal.

Why did one of the terminal connectors get loose and make a slopper?

We will be in on the eleven-fifteen at the Terminal and have to leave on the 4.30.

They came to the city of Jogurth, which for most of them was a terminal.

Terminal: situated at the tip or extremity; opposed to basal.

From the other post a wire runs to one terminal of the switch at the door or window.

The bolt (H) holds the negatives together as well as the terminal (I).

The other side of the battery has a wire (D) running to the other terminal of the primary.