Opening [noun]

Definition of Opening:

gap, hole

Synonyms of Opening:

Opposite/Antonyms of Opening:

Sentence/Example of Opening:

Here's copper just closed at 93, after opening strong this morning at 105.

What opening for extrication, unless, indeed, Emilia should die?

Tulips are opening their variegated cups, and daffodils line the walls.

She started suddenly awake, seeming to have been roused by the opening of a door.

It was strewn with pink buds; some just opening into beauty, some half-blown.

"To the devil with your tricks," said John, opening and shutting his great red hands.

It is like closing a volume of Ossian and opening the pages of Theocritus.

With the opening of spring the little house at Hillfoot took on fresh activities.

Let us look at the opening chapters of Genesis for illustration.

"Wait, I'll come out;" and opening a door in the rail, he passed around to the girl.