Rift [noun]

Definition of Rift:

break, crack

Synonyms of Rift:

Opposite/Antonyms of Rift:

Sentence/Example of Rift:

To-day, however, there was a rift in these dark clouds of consequence.

And then, because he could not shout and because he could not loosen himself, there came a rift in his madness.

Presently there was a rift in the clouds; and a red glow arose in the west.

The rift was gradually widening, and the forest on either side thinned.

They believed the range might yet show a rift at this end which their wagons could traverse.

Rathburn pointed toward the rift in the mountain on the left above them.

And yet his experience told him 205 that there must be some rift, some hiatus in the scheme.

His hydrogen heat-torch had already opened a rift in the wall!

Through a rift in the smoke, there came a long and crimson shaft.

When we reached the top of the rift, a still worse peril awaited.