Space [noun]

Definition of Space:

room, scope

Synonyms of Space:

Opposite/Antonyms of Space:

Sentence/Example of Space:

Space or place has been said by Kant to be the form of the outward, time of the inward sense.

Before the revelations of the soul, Time, Space and Nature shrink away.

Space is said by Plato to be the 'containing vessel or nurse of generation.'

Space will permit only the keynote of these courageous speeches.

I wish that the author of "Into Space" would write a sequel to his story.

Space does not permit us to describe this movement of colonization.

He almost had them believing in the Space Wave Tapper before he was through.

Space will not permit us to go through this list star for star.

A suspense story of Tomorrow and a crisis in the advance into Space.

"We were going to talk about the Space Guard," Lyla said in an emotionless tone.