Compass [noun]

Definition of Compass:

boundary, periphery

Synonyms of Compass:

Opposite/Antonyms of Compass:

Sentence/Example of Compass:

I fundamentally feel that the Gallaudet Board of Trustees has lost its way and its moral compass.

It also includes a compass and flashlight, so it makes getting lost almost impossible.

Under Tomé’s watch, the shipping giant is resetting its compass and choosing its path with care.

Using just a depth-sensing camera, GPS, and compass data, it learned to enter a space much as a human would, and find the shortest possible path to its destination without wrong turns, backtracking, or exploration.

While this “rectangular peg problem” seems like the kind of question a high school geometry student might settle with a ruler and compass, it has resisted mathematicians’ best efforts for decades.

Like a compass, Strauss has helped guide other researchers too.

She habitually ate chocolates for their sustaining quality; they contained much nutriment in small compass, she said.

The manual compass on these organs seldom extended higher than f2 or g3, though it often went down to GG.

Later it was extended to F, 30 notes, which is the compass generally found in England.

This was the point of compass revealed by the astrologer as most favourable to the young candidate for manly honours.