Confines [noun]

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As long as he is moderately peaceful and confines his wandering brain to gesticulations and speech, he is let alone by the police.

For no caution is more truly kind than which confines servants strictly to their own sphere.

And they circumcised all the children whom they found in the confines of Israel that were uncircumcised: and they did valiantly.

And he made his brother, Simon, governor, from the borders of Tyre even to the confines of Egypt.

This section is not expressly confined to wandering persons, but the marginal note confines it to the "occasional poor."

I was surprised at this announcement, and even indulged a hope that they were sent to conduct me to the confines of Piedmont.

There was nothing within the confines of Italy so much dreaded as an uprising of the slaves.

I have mentioned this place in the description of Massalia.95 Then follow the confines of the Ionians and the Æolians.

Suffiz to say, it's on the confines of the citty, and the choasen aboad of the lawyers of this metrappolish.

The akouchi confines itself solely to large forests; he feeds upon fruits, and has the same natural habits as the agouti.