Scope [noun]

Definition of Scope:

extent or range of something

Synonyms of Scope:

Opposite/Antonyms of Scope:

Sentence/Example of Scope:

Its scope has grown with the significance of its contributors.

Its scope, how limited.feeling as might mark the features for supernatural.

Who could measure the scope of its influence and tell where that influence will end!

This is an indispensable operation but we must not exaggerate its scope.

It is necessary, then, to inquire as to the scope of this chapter.

Henderson opened the door, and only then did he begin to realize the scope his rays must have!

Here is a vista for imagination, here is scope for at least fifty years to come.

Giotto went further, and extended his scope to the world at large.

How many states there are in it, what are its natural resources, scope, and boundaries.

The scope also concentrates like a burning-glass and magnifies the power of the light.