Incarceration [noun]

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It wasn’t hard for them to see a future marked by failure, violence, and maybe incarceration.

The state is spending a lot less money on incarceration rates and spending more money on rehab centers.

Joel Caston has filled many roles during his 26 years of incarceration, from youth mentor to published author to financial literacy instructor for his fellow inmates.

Discretion in drug enforcement and sentencing means prohibition is among the leading causes of incarceration of people of color in the United States – an injustice many Americans on both sides of the aisle increasingly recognize.

Interior design is a concept not often associated with the criminal justice system, but a growing number of architects and designers believe it could play a vital role in addressing mass incarceration and inequity.

She vowed to push for creative sentences instead of incarceration for minor offenses, which she sees as a national need.

Some lawyers have even advocated for their clients’ “right to be monitored,” arguing that round-the-clock surveillance is preferable to the inhumanity of incarceration.

It’s hard to believe that these injunctions were meant for healing and not incarceration.

The book helped me understand the scope of mass incarceration and the laws, decisions, and systems that perpetuate it.

Instead, a mountain of research points in the opposite direction to problems and inequalities linked to mass incarceration.