Restraint [noun]

Definition of Restraint:


Opposite/Antonyms of Restraint:

Sentence/Example of Restraint:

So this part of my restraint was doubtless a stretch of the authority given him.

And this idea of restraint was preying upon him, and he could not throw it off.

And that there can be nothing more painful than the restraint under which I am kept?

He cast a glance about him, his eye, avid with curiosity, held rigidly in restraint.

And so great was his delight that he cast aside all restraint.

But he needn't be considerate, for he is not the least restraint upon us.

In the education of your family, you would meet with no interruptions or restraint.

Too much guidance and restraint hinder the formation of habits of self-help.

Places of distrust and cruelty, and restraint, they would have left quadruple-locked for ever.

Now surely it caused reserve, restraint, to be more complete.