Withholding [adjective]

Definition of Withholding:


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Sentence/Example of Withholding:

The withholding of the father's blessing, in the Bible, was curse.

He seemed oddly struggling with some withholding uncertainties of his own.

This was natural enough, for they had most to gain by withholding payment.

It distinctly recommended the withholding of the annual supplies.

Did she, like the rest of them, suspect me of seeking to frustrate his suit by withholding his fortune?

What reason could his brother-in-law have had for withholding the knowledge from him?

There were, doubtless, good reasons for his withholding the information I coveted.

Your withholding it would simply have added to my humiliation.

He had made his late appointment a plea for her withholding any present efforts to assist him.

That man has got some ugly reason for withholding his guides.