Coercion [noun]

Definition of Coercion:

compulsion, pressure

Synonyms of Coercion:

Opposite/Antonyms of Coercion:


Sentence/Example of Coercion:

I started hearing about rampant sexual harassment, coercion and abuse of undocumented immigrant women in low-wage, temporary factory jobs.

In the broadest sense, at home and internationally, the US is moving towards coercion and the exercise of hard power, and away from its previous strategies based on soft power and international leadership.

In my work on wrongful conviction cases in Philadelphia, I regularly encounter patterns of police misconduct including witness intimidation, evidence tampering and coercion.

When together the law presumes she acted from his coercion, he therefore must be the sufferer, while she escapes.

Neither did Virginia believe in the national policy of coercion of a state to return to the Union.

The discussions on the coercion act had produced many personal conflicts in debate between Mr. O'Connell and the Irish secretary.

He argued that coercion was necessary; that crime could not be put down in Ireland but by the strong arm of the law.

Next session the government brought in a Coercion Bill, which Mr. Parnell opposed vigorously.

The country was strong for coercion, but recruits were hard to raise; it willed the end but not the means.

As the best means of coercion, it was voted not to purchase anything of the recusants.