Menace [noun]

Definition of Menace:

danger; pest

Synonyms of Menace:

Opposite/Antonyms of Menace:

Sentence/Example of Menace:

"You will hear from me again," he said, in a tone of menace.

But think not it is by way of menace, or to intimidate you to favour me.

There was a menace in Mary's voice under which the girl cringed again.

Here on the Street, with its menace just across, he must live, that she might work.

When a man finds that a woman can reason,—do anything but feel,—he regards her as a menace.

What they do regard it as, is a menace to their independence, and a prelude to annexation.

She lifted her lip at him in the old snarl of menace, and his memory became clear.

If the ship is a menace, if it means war, that is your field of action, not mine.

He forgot the fleet of the Llotta, forgot the menace to his own world.

But the Russians did not regard the menace from this quarter as a grave one.