Nuisance [noun]

Definition of Nuisance:

annoyance; annoying person

Synonyms of Nuisance:

Opposite/Antonyms of Nuisance:

Sentence/Example of Nuisance:

They want to loaf about, and drink, and be a nuisance to everybody, like some of the rich ones.

This fact is simply that a child is a nuisance to a grown-up person.

A nuisance on Balera, which is the equivalent of a Terran swamp.

Aunty May said it was funny, too, but Aunty Edith said it was a nuisance.

All the politicians are a nuisance, a curse, a plague worse than was any in Egypt.

You're a nuisance, worrying like that just when a fellow wants to work.'

She also found it a nuisance having to make up Etienne's bed every evening in the shop.

Only he's too much of a nuisance: he blubbers; he talks about remorse.

They are a nuisance, always looking and watching us as they do.'

Deuce of a nuisance havin' to turn out for this fellow Lever.