Bother [noun]

Definition of Bother:

trouble, inconvenience

Synonyms of Bother:

Opposite/Antonyms of Bother:

Sentence/Example of Bother:

But I don't suppose Weston would bother spreading the tails out when he sat down.

Great tracts of land in this part of the State are out of date, and more bother than they are worth, anywhere.

Baroudi would probably never think of her as Englishmen thought of her, would never "bother about" her age.

He ceased to bother his brain with Bascomb and his affairs, wrapping himself completely in the noble work of the roadster.

And a drop of poteen is a wonderful thing to drive away the melancholy thoughts that haunt and bother so many of us.

But why should I bother about anything in a world like this, where everything is in such a hopeless state of confusion?

But Mother Wyandotte didn't bother about anything so high in the sky as the sun and the rooster.

"Oh bother," grumbled Mollie, as after their breakfast she gloomily surveyed the landscape from the cretonne-curtained window.

There are, however, some things that almost always bother the beginner, and it may be helpful to speak of them particularly.

They said if they put the things out there, and put a family of Negroes there the Yankees would not bother the things.