Worry [noun]

Definition of Worry:

anxiety, trouble

Synonyms of Worry:

Opposite/Antonyms of Worry:

Sentence/Example of Worry:

I can't remember when I haven't awakened to doubt, and worry, and heart-sickness.

He began to worry seriously about keeping Mr. Hichens out of his house.

By George, he'd fool her, for once: he'd go away, and let her worry.

Tell Mrs. Drummond he was in good spirits, and that she's not to worry.

It doesn't seem to bother him any, so I don't see why it should worry me.

The Dutchman would not win, and Lucretia was the best of the others—why worry?

If she would but marry him there would be little left to worry about.

You don't want to worry so much about your looks, none of you.

The postage wasn't paid on it, and that was another thing to worry about.

"I worry so about its disorderliness that I won't go in," she used to say, in a resigned way.