Woe [noun]

Definition of Woe:


Opposite/Antonyms of Woe:

Sentence/Example of Woe:

Did she not break into lamentation and woe that a brother should so demean himself?

We could not miss the way, our driver said, and woe betide us if we did!

Woe to him who is not the keeper of his own conscience—the supporter of his own resolution!

A month will decide the one, perhaps: But what a duration of woe will the other be!

Or was it not in that hour—that solemn commune—soothed from its woe?

In the woe or weal of a whole life, we must decide for ourselves.

Could the Madonna, who was so maternal, desire the woe of lovers?

But woe to anyone who would venture to agree with her in this.

I too may say, "Talk not of love," etc., for indeed he has "plunged me deep in woe!"

O why should such glorious qualifications be the fruitful source of woe!