Dole [noun]

Definition of Dole:

allowance, allocation

Synonyms of Dole:

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Sentence/Example of Dole:

At the Trevor Project, Dole said that many children are texting the organization as well because of similar reasons.

Calls to Dole requesting comment from Murdock, who is on the board, weren’t returned.

San Diego County threw its support to Dole but just barely thanks to tens of thousands of votes for independent Ross Perot.

Some waited too long—waited to dole out to a frenzied public all available cash and close the doors too late for solvency.

The principle at once sets men thinking on the selfish side, and makes them dole their good deeds with a thrifty hand.

But he fished out a dole, though he was vexed at the injury to the supper.

"Then keep it, and dole it out as you like," said Sadie quickly.

I could dole out secretaryships and lordships, and never a one without getting something in return.

Sir Henry, the seventh baronet of the name of Tichborne, who had abolished the dole, had seven sons.

I was elected superintendent of the school in place of Brother Dole, for the special purpose of keeping Mrs. Packard straight.