Allotment [noun]

Definition of Allotment:

portion assigned or given

Synonyms of Allotment:

Opposite/Antonyms of Allotment:


Sentence/Example of Allotment:

There was a vacant allotment on the other side of the Bank, and I took a short cut across this to the Royal.

The goal is not any kind of division of income or allotment of property.

Most Forests cut a very small part of their annual allotment, but a few Forests cut their full annual yield, or nearly so.

Suppose the allotment gardens consisted of twelve acres, then let one-fourth, or three acres, be properly manured every year.

Suppose the society commence with supplying additional allotment-grounds.

You may give him a better cottage, you may give him a large allotment, you may treat him as an equal, and all is of no avail.

The allotment of the land-tax to units (juga) of equal value whatever might be the area, was a contrivance similar in character.

For centuries she recognised this allotment and gave her best energies to her appointed works.

Her crew being insufficient to man her guns on both sides, the allotment to each gun was divided into gangs.

There were a hundred abuses of spite or partiality, of favouritism or vengeance, in the allotment of the work.