Quota [noun]

Definition of Quota:

portion allotted to something

Synonyms of Quota:

Opposite/Antonyms of Quota:

Sentence/Example of Quota:

To this general excitement the strange case of Mr. Le Moyne had added its quota.

In the Fourth ward, where he lives, there never was a man drafted to fill its quota.

And to get that blood every Apexan must yield his quota in the temple.

He suddenly realized that he had exceeded his quota of questions, and that he could get into trouble.

Every wood and field has its quota, and no place so barren but it has some bird to visit it.

A thing can only be so clean; there's no quota to fill and exceed.

A penalty also fell on every parish failing to supply its quota.

He takes the results of other people's inventive genius and adds his quota.

The buffalo range caught its quota of hard riders and hard shooters.

Mrs. Morley also, and in a more genuine way, added her quota of praise.