Percentage [noun]

Definition of Percentage:

portion, allotment

Synonyms of Percentage:

Opposite/Antonyms of Percentage:

Sentence/Example of Percentage:

He's dropped into a soft spot—he rates best in the percentage card.

Take any ratio of percentage you please and something should have got us.

I would like to be paid a percentage on the money saved because of my report.'

Percentage of vote cast in Denver: Males, 57½; females, 42½.

Percentage of vote cast: Males, (nearly) 58½; females, (over) 41½.

The percentage of males in the State by the census of 1900 was 52.3.

Were the Royal Naval Division included the percentage would be worse.

Let x be percentage of copper, then 100 — x is percentage of "ferromanganese."

All of them are to be had cheap, some at just a percentage above the price of waste paper.

His tip was exactly ten cents, and out of this the head waiter must have his percentage.