Fee [noun]

Definition of Fee:

charge for service or privilege

Synonyms of Fee:

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Sentence/Example of Fee:

The corporate partners pay a subscription fee per year to post courses, and students can access all courses for free.

Unless he gets a respite from another court, the rapper will appear on just 12 ballots, three of them in states where he needed only to pay a fee for access.

With corporate travel you can cancel change fees but sometimes you still won’t get the full refund on the ticket.

The firm has 45 commitments from investors, including many in the $1 billion range, it said without specifying whether the money is heading into the high-fee Pure Alpha hedge funds or low fee long-only products.

Now Arm is being acquired by one of those competitors, which may use its position to hike licensing and royalty fees on its rivals or to deny them access to the latest technology.

The company employs a strategy that Wall Street embraces because it generates both profits and lucrative fees.

Over the last 20 years, the price index for tuition and fees has increased 164%, compared with 50% for the broader CPI.

With these, you contact your warranty provider, outline the problem, pay a service fee and, if the problem is covered by the warranty, a repair person is assigned to fix or replace the item.

I saw how large financial firms took advantage of mom-and-pop shops by gouging them on fees and offering shoddy customer service while bending over backward to court bigger businesses that were doing just fine.

According to the claims submitted by Physicians Premier to Golden Rule, obtained by Sussman, the physician fee and facility fees were coded as emergency room visits of moderate complexity.