Payment [noun]

Definition of Payment:

fee; installment of fee

Opposite/Antonyms of Payment:




Sentence/Example of Payment:

I will enclose the second payment of her fee in a letter which I am writing to her.

It was an express order for two hundred francs, in payment of a bit of verse.

Then you will not object to any mode of payment I shall propose.

If payment was offered, they shook their heads, and only asked for tidings of Europa.

There had been some dispute about payment, and the Britisher had slapped the dragoman's face.

The payment was small; in fact, only a few newspapers then paid anything for verse.

I am the medical officer, in consideration of a certain monthly payment.

What I now wish to know is, what were your reasons for forbidding the payment of interest?

The elected physicians are not allowed to receive any payment whatever from their patients.

It could not, then, be incumbent on her to let her life be taken in payment.