Recompense [noun]

Definition of Recompense:

something returned, paid back

Opposite/Antonyms of Recompense:

Sentence/Example of Recompense:

This was the recompense of which she had dreamed through soul-tearing ages.

This they did as a recompense for our valour and devotion in our country's service.

But beyond his emoluments as a partner in the invention, Alfred Vail had no recompense.

In the end he waited; and had his disappointment for recompense.

And to myself I thought of what recompense already had been mine.

It has passed out of history, and its victims to their rest and recompense.

Present privation was to have had its recompense—at least we thought so.'

There is no sentiment of gratitude, or recompense, or reward in the gift.

Were they better treated, and did they receive any recompense?

I will let you have it without any recompense because she must have a shelter.