Compensation [noun]

Definition of Compensation:

repayment; rectification

Opposite/Antonyms of Compensation:

Sentence/Example of Compensation:

My schooling was shocking but, as a blessed compensation, my college stage was rather exceptionally good.

She had expected personality, magnetism, as a compensation for nature's external economies.

First, a voluntary undertaking to work for another without compensation cannot be enforced.

Directors in most cases receive no compensation though the practice is growing of rewarding them.

A director who performs a different service, serves as an attorney, for example, may receive compensation for it.

The payment actually of the vow, or that of the compensation, was commanded; and either the one or the other behoved to be made.

The garage keeper when storing a car for another for compensation must exercise reasonable care and prudence.

Sometimes one keeps a car for another for accommodation, receiving no compensation therefor.

In some states he must still continue to pay his rent and then demand compensation for his loss.

Thus, suppose a clerk is paid by giving him a fixed percentage of the profits as a compensation, is he a partner?